Researcher biography

Barry graduated from Edinburgh Napier University in 2007 with a BSc in animal biology, his honours thesis looked at aggressive interactions in captive Chilean flamingos during the breeding season. He then went on to do his MRes in marine mammal science at St. Andrews University in 2010 where his thesis explored spatio-temporal trends in Irish cetacean strandings.

After his studies he joined the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology where he was involved in passive acoustic monitoring of cetaceans in Ireland. He then headed back to Scotland to take up the position of Scottish cetacean strandings co-ordinator at the Scottish Rural Agricultural College. Continuing the pattern, he once again returned to Ireland to take up a role with the University College Cork on a marine mammal monitoring project on the West coast. He then headed to Namibia where he took over the running of the Namibian Dolphin Project and stayed there for two years until March of 2017.

He joined the CEAL team in June 2017 where his PhD will be looking at motivational cues in social sounds produced by wild bottlenose dolphins in Moreton Bay.



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